Oral B Brush Heads

oral b brush heads

When you get dressed in the morning, do you wear the same clothes as everyone else? Maybe you do if you have to wear a uniform to work, but otherwise you dress to suit your personal tastes. Likewise, why should you have to use the same toothbrush as everyone else when Oral-B have made the whole tooth brushing experience a uniquely personal and customizable experience.

Your Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush comes with one or more brush heads when you purchase it, but selecting the brush heads for your needs will make brushing your teeth a much more effective and efficient process.

Considerations when choosing a brush head

The size of your mouth – if you have a small mouth or the brush head is for a child you will want to choose a smaller brush head.

Sensitive teeth and/or gums – mouths that require a little more TLC and gentle caressing will require a brush head with softer bristles.

Do you have braces, crowns or other orthodontic work – you may want a brush head that can brush around them effectively.

Myth – harder bristles are not necessarily better, in fact the opposite is true as harder bristles can damage the tooth enamel.

Oral-B offer the largest range of specialist brush heads and apart from the Oral-B Pulsonic, all are interchangeable between toothbrush handles.

Range of Oral B brush heads

Replacement Brush HeadsThese brush heads are compatible with Oral-B ProfessionalCare, Vitality and AdvancePower brush handles:

Precision Cleanprecision clean brush head

The Precision Clean is the brush head that comes with the majority of new Oral-B rechargeable brushes. It has a small surface area which cups each tooth giving it the individual attention it deserves. Great for removing plaque and keeping your gums healthy. Because of the small head, it also gets into the hard-to-reach areas nooks and crannies more easily. Older reviews had issues with the quality of the brush heads, but reading recent reviews it looks as if Oral-B had got their act together and sorted this out.


Floss Actionfloss action brush head

The Floss Action has four flat, rubber edged flossing strips which look a bit like paddles, amongst the bristles which penetrate deeply between the teeth, removing plaque as they go. Because of the additional flossing strips, the overall size of the brush head is slightly larger than the Precision Clean, but it is good for hard to reach places. Oral-B state the flossing action does not replace flossing, but would be a beneficial addition.

pro white brush headPro White

Designed to remove surface stains and polish your teeth with the aid of a plastic polishing cup in the middle. The Pro White is very good at removing stains caused by coffee, wine etc. Could be used in conjunction with a whitening toothpaste and whitening cleaning mode for maximum results.

dual clean brush headDual Clean

It has two moving brushes and claims to remove twice the amount of plaque, as the one brush head rotates and the other moves from side-to-side. The surface area of the Dual Clean brush head is a lot bigger than that of the Precision Clean, but does a great overall job at cleaning, although because of the size it may be harder to reach some areas of the mouth effectively.

Orthoortho brush head

Perfect for those with braces or orthodontic work because of the Ortho’s small size for getting up close and under wires.


sensitive brush head

Sensitive Clean

The Sensitive Clean brush head has very soft bristles, perfect for those with sensitive teeth and gums. Combine it with sensitive cleaning mode on your toothbrush.

Power Tip power tip brush head

The Power Tip has a very small surface area and efficiently cleans between teeth and round braces and other dental work.

All brush heads have indicator bristles which fade half-way as a reminder to change them every three months.Brush Head Indicator

Pulsonic Brush Heads

Pulsonic Brush Heads

If you own a Pulsonic toothbrush you have a choice of the Oral B Pulsonic Brush Heads and the Precision Tip. The Pulsonic has quite a large surface area, similar to a manual toothbrush, whilst the Power Tip is great for getting in between teeth.

A word of warning about purchasing non-Oral B brush heads – although they may be cheaper they may wear out a lot quicker, or even break.

Another idea would be to mix and match your brush heads, for example every morning you could use the Precision Clean followed by the Pro White in the evening, just see what works for you.

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